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Patent Attorneys Dr. Klaus Beckord and Thorsten Niedlich are authorized representatives in accordance with § 5 TMG: Dr. Klaus Beckord

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The horse trailer product photo "Services" page was reproduced with kind permission of HorseArt. Supervisory authorities and professional title: The legal and professional titles “Patentanwalt“ and “European Patent Attorney“ were awarded by the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Patent Office, respectively. Legitimate use of the professional titles “European Trademark Attorney“ and “European Design Attorney“ has been obtained by registration in the list of professional representatives before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Markethttp://oami.eu in accordance with Article 89 of the Directive (EC) No. 40/94 of the Council dated December 20, 1993 regarding the Community Trademark and in accordance with Article 78 of the Directive (EC) No. 6/2002 of the Council dated December 12, 2001 regarding the Community Design. The competent supervisory authorities for German “Patentanwälte“ and European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorneys are:
D-80331 München
Tel.: +49-89-242278-0
Fax: +49-89-242278-24
European Patent Institute
Tal 29
D-80331 München
Postfach 26 01 12
D-80058 München
Tel.: +49-89-2017080
Fax: +49-89-2021548

The relevant professional regulations for the patent attorneys and the European attorneys of our law firm are

Berufsordnung der Patentanwälte
FICPI Code of Conduct
Code of Professional Conduct of the EPI